Picasso PRO and the SPiLL Collective: A Glimpse of Me 2014

October 16, 2014
Pete, Ali on hands and knees, create storyboard with markers on long roll of paper.

Pete, Ali on hands and knees, create storyboard with markers on long roll of paper. Part of the A Glimpse of Me project.

Picasso PRO and SPiLL Propagation’s rich relationship started when Paula Bath [SPiLL’s co-Director] and Rose Jacobson met and travelled to Sweden as part of the SNOW Team in 2009. Our shared values and excitement over integrated Deaf/hearing practice spawned several subsequent workshops and visioning sessions with over 25 artists, led by Josette Bushell-Mingo and other specialists. SPiLL and Picasso PRO have collaborated in many ways since SPiLL’s inception in 2010, to bring the beauty of Deaf arts and culture to a broader public. “A Glimpse of Me” was our only joint full production with a public audience, staged in Gatineau, October 16-18, 2014.


Facilitated by Creative Director Andrea Donaldson and Assistant Creative Director Paula Bath, “A Glimpse of Me” [originally called the “Finding Alice ” project] developed over a 2 year period and was the first of its kind in Canada, marrying two sign languages – ASL and LSQ with French, English, movement and sound to produce a truly integrated live performance experience.


In this multilingual theatre piece three Deaf artists  – Tiphaine Girrault, Peter Owusu-Ansah and Ali Saeedi  – come together to explore their differences and similarities, joys and pains, and life journeys as immigrant Canadians. Although they are Deaf they have many identities, having grown up in France, Ghana and Iran using combinations of French, French Sign Language, English, American Sign Language and Iranian Sign Language. No facilitative interpretation was used in this production. It relied on real-time floor drawings in chalk, performance, projected images, captions, sign and spoken words to directly communicate its stories and build a rapport with its Deaf/hearing audience members.